What is L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore?

L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore is a non-profit cooperative of solidarity. We have a wide selection of new and used books, zines and printed art. The bookstore specializes in women*’s literature (novel, poetry, comics, essay, children’s book) and feminist, queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersexe, asexual and agender, two-spirited, anti-racist, anti-colonial, etc. L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore also organizes a variety of literary and feminist events including launchs, reading circles, conferences, workshops, discussions, etc.

What we find, what we do there

  • A collection of feminist, queer, LGBPT2QIA* books of all kinds: essays, novels, poetry, art books, non-stereotyped youth books, academic books, introductory books, a specialized selection on the history of women, graphic novels … in short, everything that can stimulate and make feminism alive!
  • Passionate and specialized booksellers who can offer precise advice, find rare resources, put forward works otherwise relegated to oblivion in conventional broadcasting networks.
  • Introductory workshops on women’s literature and feminisms, offered in CEGEPs, women’s centers, etc.
  • Thousands of used books, unearthed by booksellers with an alert eye.
  • Tons of zines, posters, cards and stickers by artists from Montreal and elsewhere.
  • A whirlwind of literary events, launches, reading circles, discussions, debates, celebrations.
  • A gathering place for feminist communities.


L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore aspires to be as accessible as possible, within the limits of our means, as much in the space of the bookshop as in the events and in the selection of books. Universal accessibility is not just a checklist, it is a constant process for us. We welcome with much interest and appreciation all the comments, criticisms and suggestions in this regard.

The atmosphere and accessibility to the bookstore can vary according to the times and events organized. We will endeavor to communicate as much information as possible in advance and encourage those who organize events in space to do the same.


The team

Marie-Ève Blais is a certified bookseller and author. She has participated in the management of various community organizations and regularly organizes literary and feminist events. She also co-edited the short-story collection Histoires mutines published in 2016 by the Éditions du remue-ménage.

Sandrine Bourget‑Lapointe is a master’s student in literary studies and feminist studies. She has experience in management, organization and publishing in queer and feminist circles, notably in the Dyke March Montréal collective and the magazine FéminÉtudes. She loves cats and sweet things.

Stéphanie Dufresne holds a degree in feminist studies from Concordia University, and is responsible for communications and publishing at Possibles Éditions.

Nicolas· Longtin-Martel wrote a memoir in French-language literature about Françoise d’Eaubonne and plans to reprint her work. They also co-organized several feminist events (including the symposium le féminisme prend sa place à l’UdeM & the Université d’été féministe) and also runs a blog.

Camille Toffoli is a doctoral student in literary studies at UQÀM university. She pens the chronicle Filles corsaires in the Liberté magazine. She is interested in philosophy, and regularly eats twist cheese.

Karine Rosso is a PhD student and lecturer at the Université de Sherbrooke. Her work focuses on the figure of the author in female autofiction and on the different representations of non-white women in contemporary literature. Karine Rosso is also the author of a collection of short stories entitled Histoires sans dieu, published in 2011 by La Grenouillère, co-director of the book Histoires mutines published in 2016 by the Éditions du Remue-ménage and co-directed the film Anarchroniques (2012), who look at the libertarian movement in Quebec.

Board of directors

Marie-Pier Boisvert
Maurane Cloutier
Jac.k-Aude Pichette
Marie-Claude Garneau
Ève-Marie Lacasse
Mélanie Landreville
Judith Sribnai