L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore, aspires to be as accessible as possible, within the limits of our means, to everyone, both in the bookstore, in events and in the selection of books. Universal accessibility is not just a checklist, it is a constant process for us. We welcome, in this regard, with interest and appreciation all the comments, criticisms and suggestions.

The atmosphere and accessibility in the bookshop may vary according to the times and events organized. We will endeavor to communicate as much information as possible in advance and encourage those who organize events in space to do the same.

Wheelchairs accessibility

The entrance to the bookstore must be from the back (it was impossible to arrange a ramp at the front of the library). A doorbell in front of the stairs allows you to warn us of your presence in order for us the open the grille. A ramp allows you to enter through the back door.

The minimum width of the rear corridor is 85 cm. Two turns (with a diagonal of 121 cm for the smallest) are also present during the journey. Do not hesitate to ask for help from one of our booksellers. The space is arranged in such a way that the wheelchairs can move freely between the rows.

There is no walk inside the library with the exception of one in the back equipped with a ramp.

Toilets are unfortunately not accessible in wheelchairs.


Accessibility for reduced mobility

Support bars are installed on both sides of the stairs at the front to facilitate the climbing of the two steps leading to the bookstore. A mini-walk is also installed every day to facilitate entry on the first step (who’s a little high).

During the winter, we try to clear and salt as much as possible the entrances, but it is possible that the street remains a bit slippery.


Non-gendered bathroom

The toilet in the space of the bookstore is an individual toilet for everyone.

Space without perfume

Perfumes and fragrances can cause serious inconvenience to some people, making some interior spaces inaccessible. We do not use essential oils, scented candles or incense in the bookshop, and the cleaning products used and the soap in the bathroom are odorless.

However, the Euguélionne feminist bookstore is an open space in which people can enter without first being informed that strong perfumes and odors can inhibit accessibility to others. It is therefore impossible to guarantee a fragrance-free space at all times during business hours. We invite people who need an odor-free space to contact us to tell us their needs.

Literacy and proficiency in French or English

L’Euguélionne is a bookshop accessible to all, regardless of their level of literacy and proficiency in French and/or English. We pay attention to have a wide variety of books for all tastes and levels (science fiction, art books, detective novels, children’s literature, etc.) including bilingual books in French, feminization guide books, pictore books, etc. Do not hesitate to ask our booksellers for advice.

Welcome to children!