Become a member!

Become a member of the co-op and be part of the community.

Membership types

Become a user member:
User members are those who take advantage of the services offered by the bookstore (book sales, rental of space, events, etc.). The status of “user member” is given to anyone who requests it.
Becoming a user member gives you access to the loyalty card.

Become a supporting member:
Supporters are individuals or corporations with a sensitivity to feminist issues, anti-oppressive struggles and must agree with the mission of the organization.
The minimum contribution for a person is $ 50 and for an association $ 200.

Becoming a supporting member gives you access to:
– the fidelity card,
– the possibility of putting your name and logo on our website in the partners section,
– the possibility of broadcasting your events in our newsletter,
– the possibility of actively supporting the existence of a feminist bookstore in Montreal.

Below is a form you can fill out and your application will be processed at the next B.D. of the bookstore (approx. every 2 months). You must indicate your name, or the name of the organization, your e-mail and the reasons behind your support of the bookstore (it does not need to be long).